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11:37 a.m. - 2004-02-09
what did you say?
i just wrote a whole entry and then erased it. it was stupid. it was about nickelodeon cartoons from back in the day. the cartoons weren't stupid, but the way i was writing.....blah blah blah....i am soo boring!

i told adelaine about my senior prank idea, the fire, and she told me she was thinking about the same thing. now, is that good or bad?

(naively believing people read this)

if you have any ideas, please help! this is plaguing my mind. i want to go out with a bang! please! all ideas are accepted and considered-since i currently have none. ask all your friends. if you have none, make some friends---->then ask them. if i can come up with something, maybe my fellow seniors will remember me. that's what its all about, as always: people liking me. being accepted. oy, i'm pathetic.

(no, i'm really not, i just seem to come off that way in my writing. i really am a cool person. promise. like me please.)


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