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12:19 p.m. - 2004-02-11
kindergarten baby
i cannot be a teacher. i would kill my kids-literally. not all of them, goodness! just the stupid ones who deserve it.

this little girl i work with, Dote, is impossible to get through to. Impossible. how hard is it to pick up the concept of rhyming. cat and bat. different beginnings, but in the end, they sound the same. oy vey! more than once i am tempted to pick her little body up and shake it until she says boat and goat.

how can i be a teacher if i cannot get one person to understand one simple little concept? i can't. i will be arrested for genocide like that. i will go on a rampage, killing all kindergarteners to put their teachers out of misery. fine, not all, but mine. oy...


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