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11:19 p.m. - 2004-02-23
i have baby blood
i gave blood. last thursday. i don't know why i wouldn't have mentioned it. after all, it is a huge thing for me. having a needle stuck into my arm-one the size of a vacuum hose-and sucking blood from the crotch of my arm. i was so excited the first time, in septemberish. you got to miss at least one full class and all the sweets you could consume afterwards. i cried. i cried so bad i scared guys from the football team. (they gave me evil scowles afterwards for misleading them so.) i cried even after i stopped feeling pain. as a result of the traumatic experience, its not too surprising i skipped the december drive. but, when my teacher said classwork or donate blood, i was all over that plastic bed thing like white on rice.

i didn't cry and i got way too much snack food for it, but i went through with it. and i will the next time. i learned i have O-negative blood. babies 4 months and younger can only take o-neg or o-pos blood. i feel so good. i feel like such a helper. a team player. so, i give blood now. i will again in may or whenever, and without any tears. and without holding anyone's hand next time.

i feel good.


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