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6:11 p.m. - 2004-03-04
scattered pieces
dont feel bad, but i keep another diary. journal. whatever.

or was it you?

i come home today to find a whole mess of papers on the bottom bunk. i take a closer look, and low and behold, theres writing on the papers. i take a closer look, and its my writing on the papers.

i didnt know what to do, intially, so i did nothing. then i sat down and held my thoughts in my hand. let them fall through my fingers. big pieces. small pieces. many, many scribbled-on pieces. im not mad. how can i be? charles is 2 1/2, you cannot get mad at a kid that young. im not sad. its just paper, right?

so, i went in search of tape. i have spent the last hour or so trying to piece together the workings of my mind. who'd ever have thought thatd be so hard? oh, but it is. it really is. i think i have to tape back from february 17 to march 1. its not that much. maybe 6 pages. but there are a lot of pieces.

okay, im done kvetching for now. i still have some more taping to do.

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