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11:12 a.m. - 2004-03-15
i love the nightlife; i love to boogie
i havent done CCCs since before my birthday. since sometime in janaury. that is a really long time. for a while now, i have been thinking about taking them again. i love the unsober feeling they leave me with. love. it.

saturday night we went to south beach. i caved. sublime09. i gave in. i wasnt strong enough to resist. i loved every minute of it. i have 25 left. i have decided to split it up like this: 6 one day for school and the other 19 for a night of fun. the most i have ever done was 16 and i never did more than 8 around anyone but glen and/or shannon. so, taking 19 is going to be a challenge. usually, people around me are fucked up too. lately, only lee and sheila are fucked up-and thats just weed. what am i writing?

i wish i had a point sometimes. i wish i had a real reason for writing. but i dont. i just like the sound of the keys.


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