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10:37 a.m. - 2004-03-23
root canal, part. II
today i get to go finish my root canal. why there had to be 2 appointments for this i will never know. either way, wish me luck.

later today i am going for a scholarship interview. i get to talk myself up about teaching and how much i need the scholarship. i feel kind of deceitful when i do this. these people are going to think i am a happy, optimisitc, motivated teenager. i am just the opposite-minus the teenager part. they dont know i smoke, dex, roll, drink. they dont know about the suicide attempts, running away from home, having casual sex with 4 of my coworkers, wishing horrible violent deaths unto my mother. i feel a little bad. but if i can get their money, it wont matter. i be rich and theyll think im great. so, wish me more luck, if you would.

thanks. have a great day


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