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10:47 a.m. - 2004-03-30
do i dare to care
cap and gown pictures are today. how i dread pictures. i dont like to smile. i dont like my smile. i dont like to smile on demand. i dont like pictures.

but out of everything everyone is making a big fuss over this year, those pictures are what i want most. i am not going to have throngs of people waiting for me once i walk off the stage. i dont want throngs of people anyway. but i do want a picture of me wearing the stupid hat and big blue mumu thing. i was thinking of skipping the june 5 ceremony anyway, so this would be my chance to wear the cap and gown. i dont know. i am probably making too big a deal out of all this.

this is the 2nd consecutive entry about graduation. does that mean i really do care? who knows?


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