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1:31 a.m. - 2004-04-10
jairo's 21 grams
i didnt get into UF. just found out. a big part of me is very sad. but a big part of me is also stoned and seeing triple. why am i so miserable?

i really am terribly unhappy. i am lonely, confused (sublime09), sad, angry, hurt, depressed. everything that is not good is me. i dont know what to do. like, i am not terribly upset about UF. its just UF, and besides, im going to new mexico, but for some reason i had expected to be accepted. i couldnt tell ya why though. i dont think i have ever typed so well while wasted.

i cried in front of the library today. i wanted to go in but they were closed. thats not why i cried though. mikes why i cried. (sublime09) i am such a loser who drowns herself in her loser world with her loser drugs and who desperately fears her loser future.


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