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11:58 a.m. - 2004-04-29
it rained last night
i think i am going heartless. thats possible right? well, it is now.

i invited mohawk over last night although i knew he didnt have a ride home. i didnt care. i decided a couple days ago that i was going to play with him-see how far i could stretch him-and making him come up to fort lauderdale with no ride back to hollywood is all a part of the game.

he came over around 12:30 while i was babysitting. he was drunk and barred up. Which worked better for me because then i could mess with his head a lot more and i could get him to say things he would not normally say. we sat around doing little more than making out on the couch, when i decided i wanted to go to bed. i told him he could sleep outside in the backyard. this was more for my entertainment rather than convenience for him.

around 2:30 we set up blankets and stuff out in the grass. itd rained earlier, and with my meteorological skills, i predicted that the 3-4 hours hed be out there would be dry. as i was saying good night, he asked if i would be his girlfriend. i asked him why. and i toyed around with him, not giving him any straight answer whatsoever. then i heard the back door slam shut. they were home.

i left mohawk to go see if they had seen the bedding or if they even knew we were out there. they didnt. i told them that we were out there chilling and that i was about to get rid of him so i could go to bed. i stayed in there shmoozing with them, so they wouldnt think there was a mohawked bum sleeping in their backyard. i excused myself so i could go "tell him to leave".

by the time i got out there, he had passed out. which was for the better because i didnt really feel like getting back into the going-out conversation. finally, around 3:30 i went to bed.

at 6:45 i was woken up by the house phone ringing...he wouldnt call the house would he? he couldnt still be fucked up enough to do something that stupid, could he? i had told him i would call his cell to wake him up just before i left for school. but the phone wasnt for me. but im glad it woke me up-i would have slept clear through to friday. while sheila was in the shower i ran out there to wake him up. to my surprise, i am completely lacking in meteorological skills. it rained. who woulda guessed it?

the comforter, pillow, and phone were soaked. i had to fight myself so hard not to laugh. i apologized profusely before kicking him out. i gave him directions to the bus stop, gave him a peck, and said peace. i hid the bedding until i could get to it later.

when he called me a few minutes later to ask which bus to catch, there was not a hint of regret in his voice, and he said he'd call me later to talk about hanging out this weekend. what a loser. after last night, i think i have lost most, if not all, interest in him. he is still really cute, but i think thats all he has going for him. but this is fun. so much fun. i have control. if i hurt him, who cares? he hurt melissa when they broke up. and you know what they say, bros before hos.

besides, i doubt hell remember me, what with all the coke and drinking and triple c's he does. whatever.


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