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8:45 p.m. - 2004-05-04
my perfect day
we are reading tuesdays with morrie in english. in it, morrie described his ideal day. ms. hart asked us to do the same. this is what i came up with:

in the morning, around 8 or 9, i would go with shannon to the beach and tan. because its so early, i would fall asleep and tan nicely. around 2 or 3 we'd take 16 triple c's and go to aventura mall and hang out there until dark. then wed go back to the beach (if the ccc's wear off, we take more). everyone is at the beach: mohawk, angelo, beondra, ray, ralphie, ken, antoinette, tony, antoine-->EVERYONE. id meet a guy and convince him to go swimming with me in the cold water. later, wed find a bum with a guitar and listen to him play. eventually, shan and i would find our way back to her house and sleep forever.

when i read this to her, she made me realize that weve done all that before, just not all in one day. its true. i dont know. thats what we plan to do this summer, our sublime summer. we are gonna bum around hollywood beach. chill all day, party all night. of course, a couple days a week, i am going to have to become a productive member of society again for work, but thats okay. im sure bumming around will get tiring eventually. i cant wait. im sure it sounds stupid, but ive wanted to do something like this forever. be carefree and at the beach. i have to get my fill before i move out to the desert.

this turned out longer than i planned, whatever.


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