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11:22 a.m. - January 31, 1970
D stands for graduating
holy fuck man..graduation. i really hope i get to graduate. i should find out in a couple hou....i couldnt wait a couple hours (which is what i started to type before i impulsively called my chem teacher).

I PASSED!!!!! with a D, but i get to fucking graduate in 2 days...

the hugest weight is gone! i didnt realize how many weights ive had upon me. but they are all slowly disappearing. which i love. oh my gosh! i am so relieved. my teacher said that i shoulda tried harder and blah blah blah. but why? i passed!

when i found out, i screamed bloody murder. the dog stared at me like i was crazy. but i was-i am-crazy like a fox!

i think this calls for a drink. no, i will wait for shanon to get here. we can have a toast or a cheers or whatever its called.

im graduating. and i like these tears.


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