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8:42 p.m. - June 14, 2004
the last night
okay..the guys we found were eric and trevor. we were walking past their car, i heard sublime, they came back to the house.

eric (21) was really cute and trevor (19) was equally do-able, but eric is the one i was sitting closest to in the hot tub. there was about as much action going on in a hot tub as possible with 2 other people sitting right across from you. but there was a sequel later in my room.

we didnt have sex! i am not a slut! besides, nobody had a condom. so we did other stuff.

he made up some excuse just before complete sunrise to leave and that was the last i saw of eric. he was pretty cool though... done at work and i wanna get the fuck outta here. i might continue-i might not-if time permits. good night.


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