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8:51 a.m. - June 27, 2004
starbucks, cursing jar, itchy ear, twitchy eye
i am awake and dressed and at is so EARLY!!! and think: i have been awake for almost 2 hours already! god, if i knew how to build a gun...

i stole a starbucks double shot right after i got here. i am still waiting for it to kick in. it needs to hurry up...

i think i am gonna start my cursing jar-or no cursing jar? i feel like a sailor or a 12 year old trying to sound cool or something...and then i hear myself and im like, why did i have to say "fucking" in the middle of those words? theres really no purpose.

my ear itches-does that mean someone is talking about me? well, i wish theyd stop, this is really annoying...

but its nothing like my stupid eye that was twitching all day yesterday. again, if i only knew how to build a gun. i felt like such a 'tard! it wasnt so much my eye as my stupid eyebrow. the whole day! and the only way to keep it from spazzing out was to make an angry face. my poor customers. i was actually yelling at my eye around noon. it was driving me crazy. gonna stop talking about it before it starts again.


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