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9:43 a.m. - July 05, 2004
all in all i think i managed about 10 lines. is that a lot? i dont know what exactly to say about the whole thing.

it wasnt what id expected, but i wasnt let down.

i was biting down on my teeth like crazy when i talked and i wasnt hungry the whole night (despite the fact that i hadnt eaten the whole day).

i didnt yawn until 5 something. soon after which we biked home over a mile and i was fine (my butts sore though).

it went up very smoothly but my face didnt feel as numb as ive heard.

i had this energy-the weed completely killed it though-that was very cool.

no matter how deathly bored i was, time passed so quickly. me and mel were riding home and the birds were chirping and the sky towards the beach was lighter than the rest of the sky. and when i looked it was almost 6.

melissas friend is a whacked out fiend. we left him with her 1 1/2 g and his own gram and when we got back it was loaded with baking soda-that shit burnt me nose-still good tho... i liked it and i am going to do it again. im doing it again because i could feel the potential in it. it was such a boring night... but im going up to gainsville/UF this weekend so hopefully thatll be alot better. im gonna split an 8-ball with mel. then im prolly done. i dont have money for the really good drugs. any drugs really. i didnt know it had baby laxative in it though. that threw me for a loop. like 5 minutes after my first line i had to excuse myself and head to the ladies'. tonight miriam is sposed to be trying it. i wish her luck. good night...


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