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4:44 p.m. - July 08, 2004
tonite and this weekend
i am actually going to have a fun weekend for once. me and melissa are going up to gainseville (spelled right) to check out joeys new pad and all.

itd better be fun. i am hoping to get my license before then-like tomorrow-so i can drive a bit up there.

tonight i get to see rxbandits. i havent seen them since last summer. i was so bummed when i didnt get to see them with soco in november! but i just bought my ticket so yeah. and catch 22 is gonna be there-whom i also missed out on in november (depsite the fact that i actually won 2 tickets for them-ended up donating them to cari and ade who didnt bring me diddly back). so, itd better be good.

as long as mike is not included in the evenings events i think it will be...full from sweet tomatoes=nap time.


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