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2:17 a.m. - July 09, 2004
i type like i just snorted some crystal meth!!! dont read-so stupid
if anyone can get coke and will be in the gainseville area this weekend-hit me up:754-235-3252...but my cheap ass phone only works up to palm beach, so you gotta call at like 6 saturday morning or sooner...

talked to my roommate today. im very glad we had a chance to kinda meet ahead of time. she seems like a very cool girl. im not hard to get along with and it doesnt seem like she will be either. i told her to check out my diaries if she wants. but after i sent it i had second thoughts. i dont want her thinking terrible things about me. im a good, nice person. i dont hurt other people and i dont do anything with terribly malicious intent. if anything im just misunderstood. i regret telling her to read my diaries. i dont want the wrong impression to come through and with all the drug talk it will. the only good thing is the cursing jar (which, by the way, was cancelled and the funds were spent and i said the a-word in the beginning of this still trying though).

whatever...aj wants me. this 30-something year old guy wants me. he calls me a lot. its probably because i have 2 of his movies. no, he seems to actually like me. i just hope hes not trying to have sex with me. hes my teachers friend-teachers dont have friends like that. do they? whatever. if i can get to orlando and back without seeing his penis...i will be a happy camper. i dont think i am making sense anymore...

i am tired. i am totally, 100% sober. i have terribly dried sweat in every nook and cranny of my body from the rxB show. but now i will sleep. in as little clothes as possible to prevent the boys i share the bunk bed with from having psychological issues towards the opposite sex when they get older. god! what am i talking about...?

speaking of god though-i am starting to read the bible. why not? i wanna see what all the hypes about. i cant wait to get to revelations. thats where i hear all the good stuff is. but i really like genesis. well, at least the first page-thats as far as ive............shut up shut up shut up...good night. no more talking!!!!


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