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12:48 a.m. - July 15, 2004
no more drugs-this week
im not bored anymore. i cant recall if i complained that i was-but i was so feeling it. but im not bored anymore. and it didnt take any drugs to take care of that.

sex. good old sex. i knew i could count on it for something.

speaking of drugs-up at the top-i dont care anymore. i feel drugged out...i havent taken triple c's in one month yesterday, and i havent wanted to either. and im fine.

after my coke experience, i wanted more. but that went away. i dont think i could ever be addicted to anything. i dont care enough.

pot is so boring to me too. i know i will just eat and eat and eat. and people say, well dont eat. but where is the fun in that? i dont like to deny myself of any pleasures-especially food.

and alcohol...its pretty gross. but right now thats all i can get myself excited for. but i dont care. im not looking to be flucked up. i like being sober-for once. who knows how long this will last. and when its gone its gone. i think i will just go with the flow.


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