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5:03 p.m. - July 22, 2004
3rd times a charm
last thursday i went to the DMV to take my driving test. forgot my glasses for the vision test-so i left before they called my name.

today, i went, glasses in hand, to try again. waited an hour and a half-despite the fact that i made sure to make an appointment (to avoid the wait)-to get behind the wheel.

lets test ur tail lights. i felt like i was in a movie. the wipers were going. all the blinkers were blinking. i even popped the trunk. when i looked up to where my friend was standing, a whole group had accumulated to watch me screw up. oh, the looks of amusement on their fat faces. great start.

i completely nailed the 3 point turn-it was my second one ever. and did pretty good at reversing. i used my signal at every turn. and i looked both ways like 4 times before each turn.

i failed. apparently, my stops arent quite complete. so, i failed. thankfully, i didnt have to get out of the car to be failed, so as soon as the instructor left, i called jermaine to come get in the car so we could leave.

im not really upset though. embarrased, yes. i feel kinda like cher from clueless-but then again i am constantly comparing my life and myself to her life and her.

tonite, im gonna play the sad girl to get my 32 year old to have pity on me and give me $4000 for school and sometime next week i will try again. in his audi-oh yeah....

whatever. i think i shall now poke smot and forget all about today.


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