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8:16 p.m. - August 11, 2004
have it your way
im leaving in like 5 days, and i wanna live it up as much as possible while im still know, with my friends from middle school and all...

last night was one of those nights: drinking, smoking, cards, good clean fun...

we go to start the party at some kids friends pool-one of those community pools with a gate around it...while we waited for the alcohol to arrive, 4 of us were just standing around outside the pool talking to someone who lived there. wed noticed a guy who looked really depressed sitting in a corner by the pool. he had his head down on his knees and didnt even look up when we got there.

the kids i was waiting around with, i didnt really know. so i walked over to the sad guy, to see if he was okay...he hadnt really moved since wed first seen him. it didnt seem like he was breathing and a girl we were talking to said hed been there all day...but once the drinks arrived...the sad guy was forgotten.

we sat in the far corner of the pool

and started the night. i dont know who makes up these drinking games but..theyre might as well just sit there and chug your drink. same thing in the long run, really.

well, i guess we were being loud. someone called the cops on us. we didnt get in trouble for the alcohol really though. they just told us we shoulda invited them to the party and then told us to go get drunk inside someones house, instead.

we picked up our six packs, cups, and cards and hauled ass outta there.

just as we got to the gate to leave the pool area, a cop came over and said: you guys cant leave yet. we need to talk to you. this guys dead.

of course hes dead! and of course we cant leave! we were there for like an extra 1 1/2 hours so they could investigate the whole thing. apparently, he overdosed on heroin...we were all totally flipping out. being drunk as we were, we tried not to overdo it though-so as not to bring upon extra suspicion or whatever.

shit...i gotta go...but yeah..theres not much more to tell on the dead guy. hes, thats pretty much the end of it.


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