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9:47 p.m. - August 14, 2004
procrastination is key
im going to sleep soon.

when i wake up, it will be a mere 2 days before i leave.

im still packing. i get so distracted so easily, though.

"ooh, i remember this cd." followed by me running into the office, where i can listen to the entire cd on the worlds best speakers.

"aww. me and bob look so cute in this picture! i should call him and see how he is." followed by a 2 hour conversation in which no additional packing gets accomplished.

"hmm...i should wash my clothes before i pack them." but on my way to the laundry room i get distracted by marijuana or tv or food or all 3. leaving the laundry basket on the living room floor.

its just like when i would be cleaning my room back when i was, like, 8. every little thing distracted me from my original goal-except the pot. thats new.

i was about to say how bored i am, but then i realized the packing that needs to be done...ehh...ill finish tomorrow.


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