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3:29 p.m. - August 19, 2004
fuck texas too
i worked for an animal shelter 4 years ago. my job was to clean cages full of shit, vomit, fur, and spilled food. it was pretty gross.

on the bus yesterday, a woman sat by me who smelled exactly like that shelter. and i think she had gas. smelly, deadly, gas. the only reason i survived was because i kept breathing into my hoodie. to avoid the fumes.

i almost missed my bus tuesday morning. it was scheduled to leave at 655am...i checked in at 658 and had to run and stop the driver as he was pulling into the street. i learned a very important lesson that day: always know where the greyhound station is. knowing the general vincinity means shit.

i also learned that texas sucks. i drove across the whole state, and every town looked like the people started buliding this great place like, 20 years ago, but 19 years ago said, fuck it-and they just stopped. there were so many empty houses, warehouses, cafes, gas stations, you name it-it was abandoned. dont mess with texas? dont worry, i wont.

im so tired i cant think anymore. i was just staring out the window, trying to remember more of my trip to reminisce about-but i cant. how fucked up is that? it was a 2 day trip that i finished just 8 hours ago, and i dont remember a thing. oh well...maybe thats for the best.


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