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7:18 p.m. - September 13, 2004
boooring....thats my life...

im sure theres some saying out there that says: life is what you make it.

or something...

but i dont care...

ive finally found someone to have a crush on (eww..the guy next to me is chewing some kind of disgusting cinnamon gum-vomit!). its taken me like 3 weeks, but ive found him.

hes the star of a movie that im working on. hes so dreamy. *swoon* no, really, though, hes a really cool guy. sophomore, lives in my building, taller than me, works, adorable. problem? what else? hes got a girlfriend-back home in oregon. oh well...shes not here now is she? nope.

no! i couldnt do that. but its fun to pretend i would. im not even a film major-im education-but i would direct the movie and do all the sound and all the lighting if it meant spending a couple hours a week in his presence...

ha!!!!! how horribly pathetic is that?! very horribly pathetic...

i want to go to a concert...but there are no good ones around. i dont like anti-flag-but i do like midtown, whos coming here with them soon. thanks.



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