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4:10 p.m. - September 23, 2004
tour guide barbie-fuck you
i work in the admissions office at school. its not much, but its a job-with no taxes taken from me duties include answering phones, stuffing thousands of envelopes at a time, hosting prospective students (prospees) in my room, and giving tours. my duties thus far have been answering phones and stuffing thousands of envelopes at one time.

tomorrow at 1:30, i have my first tour. a week ago, when i wasnt scheduled for any tours, i was practically pissing my pants in anticipation of my first tour.

well, thats pretty much what im doing now, but before it was cuz i wanted to be a tour guide. now...i dont. id give anything not to have to do this...

i have to walk around campus for an hour talking about the history of the school, the degree programs we offer, and i have to answer any questions they might be able to fathom. for an HOUR! i hate walking. let alone walking and talking. let alone walking and talking with a stranger trying to coerce them into coming to the college of santa fe. not quite my cup of tea.

maybe i should smoke first. then ill talk a lot..but i wouldnt be able to answer any questions...maybe i should drink, then ill make the school seem fun...but id prolly get lost. maybe i should take tcs...but i hate walking when im seeing triple-kills the high...

fuck...looks like im goin in sober...


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