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4:04 p.m. - September 30, 2004
3 cheers for the brewery-wait no, im sorry. i meant, fuck the brewery. silly me.
finally i went out last night. first time since ive been here.

the brewery. a brewery that welcomes all ages and doesnt care whos drinking. i guess that sounds cool, if you like beer. if you dont, its really a huge waste of time.

i dont.

i like liquor. not only is it quicker, but tastes 400% better than any beer ive ever had-including the fresh-brewed stuff this place makes.

we went. we werent going to. at 1030 last nite i was in sweats and watching full house. but, im flexible.

this place was like csf away from csf but with $2 pints for all. i think i saw every student in my class and most from all the older classes there. it was wierd. and there really wasnt anything to do. no music or anything. just kids holding bottles and glasses. only so many kids can play air hockey at once or gather round to watch a game of foosball. some kids out on the balcony were smokin a doob while others were trying to look cool with a cigarette.

i think the highlight of my hour there was when xia and ang found a dying mouse. hed been poisoned or something and was dying slowly. they took him outside to let him free or something-not quite sure-and some drunk wierd guy stopped them. he was begging them to kill it and put it out of its misery. eventually, thats what they did. xia took a huge stick thing (but when its that big i dont think it should be called a stick, this was more of a small log) and bopped the little thing on the head a couple times. it was really cool that xia killed a mouse. but it was really sad that such a cute, little mouse was poisoned and then beaten to death.

oh, i beat reid in air hockey. stoned! that was really really hard...but i overcame my handicap and kicked his ass. and a boy talked to me. first one id actually consider since ive been here. he lives in my hall too. so, maybe ill make the house call he suggested. his exact words were, "come up anytime; we can smoke, drop x, whatever." aww! how sweet is that?! he wants to drop "x" with me. oh, wait. didnt glen tell me that our whole relationship was a crock to him and that all of the nice things he said to me were because of the "XTC"? yeah, i think i do recall that. oh, well. we can still smoke.

there you have it folks, my first night out on the town.

heres to many more.


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