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4:10 p.m. - October 07, 2004
p-dogs part deux
i was walking by the p-dog field today and was just overwhelmed by the flags everywhere. you know, those little bright construction flags that they stick in sidewalks and such....i was so confused. why were there construction flags near every p-dog hole???

then i saw a car sitting in the field. looking sketch. i walked past, said "hi" to the driver and took a peak into the hatcback trunk.

cages. lots of cages. oh no!

on the way back from my junk food splurge at the grocery store, the lady whod been doing the p-dog surveillance from her car was out and about looking into holes. my curiosity got the best of me.

"what are you doing with the prairie dogs?"

"we have to move them to a conservation-y place." i dont think she said conservation-y, but i dont remember what was said.

apparently, that little field wasnt good enough. it was conservation-y enough for the p-dogs. but it was! they love it there. and i love them being there. and now theyre all being moved far away from me. im sad.

farewell my dear p-dogs. i hope one day that we can meet again.

but until then, live long and prosper.


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