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9:06 p.m. - November 16, 2004
lying sack of shit
ok...if the last entry said i get my own prospee, it was lying. that last entry is a lying sack of shit.

my stupid prospee didnt end up leaving good ol' grapevine, texas until bob knows what time. therefore, she didnt get to santa fe until around 8am. she was supposed to get here at, like, 3pm the day before. but, nooooo....not my prospee!

i saw her and her family at breakfast, but steered clear. if wed met, thered have been bloodshed. i wanted my own prospee! its not fair! the one time i get one, i dont get one. i even cleaned my room, for crying out loud.

and now, who knows when the next one will come. but i dont care. im too hurt from ebony to care anymore.

lying sack of shit.


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