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4:25 p.m. - December 01, 2004
damnation and the santa fe ski basin
saturday night. we took triple c's and got bored. i put on opeth and we just sat on my bed looking around the room.

damnation is such a beautiful cd. it reminds me of nature. of darkness. it reminds me a lot of glen-but in such a neutral way it doesnt bother me anymore. we werent doing the music justice just sitting in my room listening to it. so, in all my fucked up glory, i suggested we take the cd and drive up into the mountains.

and, reid, in his equally fucked up glory, agreed.

i dont know how, but i managed to actually get us up there. we were above the city. it was so amazing and breathtaking. we sat mostly in silence for the hour-longish drive. but we didnt need to talk. it was everything i see when i listen to opeth and close my eyes.

i dont know why i put this in here, but i just dont ever want to forget it.


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