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1:23 p.m. - December 21, 2004
sticky fingers-thats me
i firmly believe that i am a bad person. if you dont believe me, just refer to the bad person list...

two nights i grabbed* 2 boxes of tcs from albertsons while i was with my dads family.

*by grabbed, i mean stole.

last night my dad said to me:
you kno the difference between right and wrong, dont you?

sometimes, was my reply.

youve never shoplifted have you?
(this is where i knew he knew)

not since second grade since we took candy from the convenience store, was all i could think to say. but i dont do it anymore, i added.

end scene...

i knew that i shouldnt have done it right in front of the family. i just felt like itd be safer to do it around people. and people dont really notice when i do it.

i mean, i thought the nanny was looking right at me as i stuck the sheets in my purse, but i wasnt sure. she wears glasses and they are glassy. but now i know-she saw. and told.

but now ill be more careful. not so cocky.

but i have to say, i am awesome at it.


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