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8:48 a.m. - January 25, 2005
buy more; payless-or something
last entry-me and shan spent my last night in g-ville coked up and seeing triple. it was awesome.

around 6:30 or 7 that morning we took 8 more each. we were laying on her bed and she got really scared that we were going to be "retarded" forever. it felt like we'd already been awake and high for our whole lives..i dont kno-but it was great...

i work at payless as of saturday. shoot me now, please. it sucks and i dont think i am going to like working there like i liked bahia cabana and winn-dixie...and not too many hot guys frequent the discount shoe stores. nor do they flock to fill out a job application.

oh, and i have to dress nice. nice shoes, nice hair, nice clothes. arrgggh! the only thing keeping me there is the $8.50 an hour they wave in front of me.

i dont even get a nametag!


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