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5:42 p.m. - February 28, 2005
its all happening
i want to be done. i want to be done with school. i am not a good student anymore. i was back in the day-when grades came from work done in class and if there was homework it was a worksheet that could be finished with eyes closed.

its not like that now. it hasnt been for a few years and im sick of it. i want to be free. i am fucking free, i now need to take advantage of that freedom.

i dont know what i am going to do just yet. but i know that school isnt where i should be. unless its more on my own terms. like, maybe community college somewhere. i need a life. i dont have one here. i am surrounded by the same 100 people 24/7. that includes my school and all of santa fe. im not claustrophobic, but living in this environment i can empathize with those who are.

we are surrounded by mountains and people who stare. to get anywhere thats worth going to takes an hour-at least. there is only so much to see in santa fe and ive seen it.

3 more years my fucking ass. its not happening.


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