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1:48 p.m. - April 20, 2005
i cannot believe i havent written about my life this past weekend! well, i will now. you bet your buttons i will...

saturday night i took 14 tcs and smoked and finished off the gram of yay i bought the night before. i didnt really have any plans for the evening, but after working 9 hours at payless, i needed to party-hard.

ive been hanging out with different people lately. more drug doing people. with connections. and after the tcs had already kicked in i went to one of them to get shrooms. within maybe 10 minutes i had an
1/8 in my hand and shrooms in my mouth.

for some reason it took me maybe 30 minutes to get down the one flight of stairs to my room. but by the time i did i was tripping. in my room was ang and meg. and i tossed them the bag and told them to finish it off. they did. and we had adventures.

i dont feel like going into everything that happened. but it was amazing. i felt like i existed in a different time. i saw things. that were really there. apparently, thats the dxm's affect. but because it was all so real, i couldnt get it to go away. which is why i got so scared. i wanted it to stop. i wanted to stop living in that world. i didnt see anything scary, but the experience was so different from anything ive ever had and i wasnt ready.

the next day i felt different. i felt crazy. i was. i talked to myself. i said random things. i wasnt right in the head. i thought it was permanent, but its slowly faded.

i bought another 1/8 for the upcoming weekend. sharing with reid. i hope its awesome. and this time i think im ready.

i hope i am.


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