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10:11 p.m. - June 01, 2005
Last night I had a dream that we went to Disneyworld, Went on all the rides, didn`t have to wait in line.
im getting antsy...

i need to get away from here.

computers, gainesville, florida maybe, even...i dont know...i know nothing.

i think i am very bored. i need something. i need work. i need to find a job. but i cant do that while
im in gainesville. i dont even know if i can do that while i am in orlando. and the only place i can and should do it, i have nowhere to live...

maybe i should just live in orlando. if i live near campus, im sure rent is cheap and all inclusive. and there are so many jobs because there are so many places. restaurants, stores, clubs, everything. maybe, i should get accustomed to the area while im staying free with miriam, then get a stable job and an apartment.

if i live in orlando i have miriam, adelaine, and mickey mouse. what more could a girl ask? not much-then shed just be greedy. and thats not how i roll...


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