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10:09 p.m. - June 08, 2005
dont read...i will probably lower your IQ
bored im so bored. my life is so boring. all i do is sleep and go to kash-n-karry at 3 am...

ang and nate are going to see reid in virginia. i contemplated going. i would love to see angela again and shes coming so close to me-its like theres untapped potential in her trip this far south. especially since i might not make it in october out to santa fe...

wed watch dazed and confused. wed hug. wed eat, drink, and be merry. but i cant.

alterior motively id just be going to see reid. and itd be awkward-im pretty sure id manage to make it awkward. things are resolved pretty much between us; ive gotten closure. i dont have those intense feelings for him now that i did a few weeks ago. and i dont want them to come back-which they would if i went up. so, i have to stay here. my goal is to get over him. i dont think going back to his house would get me much closer to that goal. itd be digression...i cant have that right now.

blah. itd be cool if i were going tho-then id have something to look forward to in my boring days...


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