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5:10 p.m. - June 20, 2005
i saw my mom and brother on friday. matthew is at a wilderness camp for boys in the middle of nowhere, florida. hes doing okay.

but i miss him. we talked a lot about us being able to be a family again. they say it will happen soon, but i say it hasnt been that way in over a year and wont be again for a long time.

i promised to visit again on july 22, but i dont think i should have promised. i dont see how i can make it. i can try, but it doesnt seem plausible.

i gave matt my awesomely awesome git-r-done bracelet. everyone else at the camp has one like it, but a different color and with a different message on it. but his is the best. its red and says git-r-done.

i hope he doesnt eat it, as is the phase hes been going through as of late...


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