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4:51 p.m. - August 04, 2005
girls, girls, girls
as a follow-up to the last entry, it might be over. thinking about hector no longer puts me to sleep. which makes nights much longer than they should be. i just have nothing new to think. i have no new situations to imagine back together in. ive run out of hope.

speaking of exes...

finally saw glen. ive been putting it off/anticipating it for months. itd been over a year and a half. but since shannon was with me, it was more ok.

i think i was pretty indifferent with the whole situation. i also think that part of me will eternally have some attraction to him. maybe because all of our times were good times. maybe becuase to my face he always treated me well. i dont know, i just know i cant change it. but besides that-nothing. i do want to be his friend and hang out with him. now that ive been to his apartment and familiarized myself with some of the people in his life, i can do it. ive even taken a liking to a guy i met while i was there. itll be okay. i may have overreacted. i admit that.

oh, man. i need to do drugs.


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