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9:13 a.m. - August 29, 2006
take me ernesto
its hurricane time again people.

let the chaos ensue:

-2 hour lines at every gas station on every corner of every intersection

-the deafening rumble of generators throughout the neighborhoods

-the tension in the air on the highway, where you just know everyone is driving to hurricane prep locations

-the tension in the hours before the first bands of wind, waiting for something to happen

-the tension during the storm, waiting to be able to roam the cities ogling the damage

-the excitement when you find out your off from school or work for the next 2 days

-everyone everywhere voicing their opinions on the current storm, storms of the past, and the governments handling the storms:
-at work
-at the grocery store
-on the bus
-on all local tv
-at the gas station
-lil reds diner
-anywhere else ive failed to mention

there are shutters up, lights taken down, boarded windows, empty shelves in every store-even the sardine shelves. on every channel theres a tiny picture of the storm in the corner.

its fun, its different. and it happens every year. florida needs to be in the spotlight. and whenever we think our country's not paying attention to us, we summon hurricanes. that our secret.



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