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9:00 a.m. - December 14, 2006
im done. i am so done-for now.

they are liars. and when i say they, i refer only to kris and karlos. they are liars. drama queens. assholes. attention needy. selfish. druggies. a bunch of things i dont want to be around.

and its hard. because we were friends. we were really good friends. (this girl next to me at work smells like poo.) and its really hard to accept that theres nothing i can do to make things okay. it would be a matter of accomodating them. and just constantly putting myself into a state of submission to keep peace. to keep them from getting into a mood. and i dont want that. im not going to be fake just to be their friend. and its fucked.

alright. well. im going to try, one last time, to make my points clear to los in an email. otherwise. i dont know. i just dont know.


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