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4:15 p.m. - January 26, 2007
when the moon hits your eye
i am down.

not down like agreeable.

down, like depressed.

i dont know about what.

i think it has to do with my boyfriend but im not sure how. i also think it has to do with my life but im not sure how.

well, i guess of course anything im depressed about has to do with my life, huh?

i want to run away. i always have. i think i always will. i admire that in myself. i guess, sense of adventure? idfk. but, i have my sights set on austin.

and i want it to happen. if miguel cant do it with me. i will do it alone. i dont know. i dont want to get ahead of myself-as im sooo good at doing.

fuck! im just ready to start my life and get outta this state. this state of habit. this state of exhaustion. this state of florida.


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