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11:19 a.m. - February 06, 2007
allegedly an adult (also an aliteration)
im 21 now.

an adult apparently.

my birthday celebrations were nice. they were. better than id expected. better than ever before.

i really cant remember a birthday where i was happy and satisfied. i guess it makes it all the better because i had very little expectations.

lets take a stroll down birthday memory lane, shall we?

1996: sleepover with the girls. went to see sabrina in theatres...really boring. my friends bonded with each other better than me. they threw my stuffed animals at me while snored in deep sleep.

2000: day cruise with my 2 bffs and mom. there was tension because we were 3 teenagers whod spent too much time together. we were all seasick and they spent the whole time pissy and in the cabin. while i rang in the 14th year of my life with my mom.

2004: for one of my most important birthdays i was in one of the most alone times ill ever have in life. fresh off of not living with mom (finally settled into 6th home in 2 months with her friends). also fresh off of having my wisdom teeth removed and not being able to eat. and 2 days after finding out glen cheated on me. no friends at school. no presents. no acknowledgement from anyone of my entering adulthood. i bought myself a pack of cigarettes.

any other birthdays i may have had i cant remember (or, like my 19th they were ok or just not worth mentioning..). but this one i will i think for a long time. and at least ill have written about it here.

i got my friends to come to see me (i only have like, 4). i loved all gifts-because i expected none-and they were nice and thoughtful. we didnt stay at the house all night like i expected. we got 3 cars to go to boomers and we ran around like idiots. then we spent the rest of the night/early morning at the porn store. once we got back to the house me and my baby had incredible sex and finally passed out around 6-ish??

then the next night, i went to dinner with the fam and had a pleasant evening out.

im 21 now.

what a long, strange trip its been.


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