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8:10 a.m. - Saturday, May. 12, 2007
now, im not one to rush things, but....



yes, i am.

owen wants me to be his girlfriend. has for a while. but the news just came out. i dont think i need a boyfriend, but im not sure. i am trying to think whered id be without him right now? probably more sober than i currently am...but also very lonely and uninspired. (because i am sooo inspired?) anyways...ill say yes. why not? just not yet.

ha. i wont say ok to being his chick, but ill ask him if i can live with him. that is funny. and he said yes. i had a horrible falling out yesterday with my mom-i thought she left for work without me because i wasnt ready and she came back ten minutes later after getting gas asking if i was ready. how could i be ready when i thought she went to work?? there was screaming and i think i effectively proved to him how bad i need to get out.

i think itll be interesting to live with him. ive never lived with anyone before. well, freddy. but he lived with me and my mom. and most of that time was when we werent even together anymore. but, if this happens we will be moving in together. existing in one place just the two of us together. and harley. if it doesnt work out thats fine. i dont want it to be all married couply-i just need a place to stay. its a little inconvenient that its an efficiency...but i can just run to my moms or away if i need to. idk.

i want him to love me.


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