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8:01 a.m. - Monday, May. 21, 2007
its beginning to look a lot like christmas
i like to talk shit. a lot. i think thats what the last entry was. me just wanting to type. wanting to hear the keys below my fingertips. just like this...ha. haha. hahahaa. mwahahahahaa!

the other day owen called and said: we can move in. just like that. he said "we can move in. we've got the place." awww. it made me feel really good. and like, i hadnt been jumping to stupid conclusions or being stupidly presumptious. but, its mutual and they arent conclusions-they are truth. life. sigh.

i hate not being happy with what ive got. its the story of my life and its what pushes me to become bored. but i dont know why! i think i dont know how to be satisfied. how to look around and say, "ok. things are ok. i dont need to do anything today but live." its always-i want him to love me more. i need to go and do something.

i really dont have much to say except that owen said that june 1st (moving day) is going to be like christmas and that hes really excited. that makes me happy and a little warmer inside. knowing that he knows i will be living with him and still being excited for it. good omen. good owen.


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