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10:55 a.m. - Saturday, Jun. 30, 2007
h to the ector
i found hector the other day. the other day. hector. those two dont belong in a sentence together-but they are.

i responded to his most recent message (via The Space, of course) 2 days ago and he hasnt been on since. im buggin'. not really. but im dying for him to come back on. especially right now because i dont have a constant internet supply. so when i do...i expect results. like now. and he isnt online or replying to my last message(s).

in the last email, i had alex tell him to call me. my phone is going to be turned off in like 3 or 4 days. i need to hear his voice before then because idk when ill get a chance after. i dont know when my phone will be back on. i dont know how. i dont know when ill be able to talk to him for the first time in over 3 years if he doesnt call me within the next few days. god.

my heart is in constant hurt waiting for more contact. i think about him day and night. even more so than before i found him again-if thats possible. which, it seems, it is.

alright. well, im at a "party" so i guess i shouldnt be musing about my one and truest love. alright. alright. im done.

oh, and i still-in some crazy way-love miguel and owens getting on my last nerve not trusting me. idk why he wouldnt.



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