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9:09 a.m. - Monday, Aug. 06, 2007
stupid me. stupid you.
i think i must be a monster at heart. its the only explanation for why i do some of the things i do. not even on purpose. they just happen.

scott. the new guy.

its only been 5 days since i first met him at the bus stop. ive spent every possible moment with him and every night but the first in his arms. why? i havent even been single for a week! and he knows this. and he knows i dont want a boyfriend. but my actions speak louder than my words and he thinks that title is coming.

i dont want it to! i want to be single. i want to enjoy MY life. not someone elses. i want to go out without guilt. i want to be able to up and go whenever the wind hits me right. and i want to not have to explain that to anyone.

i like him. and hes sooo sweet. he says hes falling in love though. is that possible? so soon? i dont think so. i think a gun here is being jumped. not cool, man. not cool. but its nice being around him. he cooks for me. cleans after me. misses me. wants me. looks at me. nice stuff. but i dont want it!!!

hes going to get hurt by me one day. i told him that. why are boys so fucking stupid? i guess it takes one to know one.


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