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7:27 p.m. - October 07, 2004
October 07, 2004
i destroy for the sake of destruction
i hurt just to see the tears in their eyes
i laugh at the face of your misfortune
and pray no one sees the tears in my eyes
i cringe at the thought of rejection
so i throw them away before they do it to me
i lie because i must protect the truth
and i party away every day of my youth
why should i care
why should i care when no one cares about me
life isnt fair
so im going to do what i want
with anyone
and i will be free

i really like the beginning. this whole poem was a big like, epiphany as far as being honest out loud with myself. my fears and my defensive behaviors i use when i start feeling scared or insecure. the bottom half though...i dont like that it sounds all self-pity (i.e.: the nobody cares why should i line). but thats the thought that actually runs through my head at times. but, i dont really like the way it sounds. i like this poem not as much for its semantics but its very close to me...? idk. SHAPOOPIE!


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