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7:43 p.m. - boy friend
How do I feel?

Sad that I don't know

I feel mostly nothing

About everything

Except for you

When I think of you

When I think of you

Before I had no thoughts to put into words

And now there are no words to explain my thoughts

Do you remember when

You kissed me and I cried?

These tears were for fears that our innocence had died

It did

And now I cry cuz I couldn't make that transition

You did

And now I cry cuz you did it without me

Do you remember our first kiss in the ocean?

Only each others' bodies to keep us warm

On that mid-September night

Five hours in the shower

I hoped it would never end

Five months later you confessed

You didn't mean a second of it

And it ended more suddenly than it'd began

And now I'm broken

Been knocked down so many times

But hey

I guess it's better than being knocked up


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