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12:20 a.m. - Friday, Jul. 11, 2008
the master of my current domain
whenever i feel as though ive given up on life...or, just the opposite sex, shawn brings me back.

i dont know how. and i dont know why. he just...does...

its probably because he comes out of nowhere each time. and because we arent in constant communication with each other.

but. thats enough. its all it takes.

i think hes in iraq. im not sure. alls i know is that hes deployed. somewhere.

weve been trying to talk to each other live for months. but nothings worked out. its kind of sad and makes me miss him that much more.

although we never got the chance for a real relationship...i feel we could have one. but at a time when our phone conversations were sparce...he got married. which makes everything i feel about him a little more complicated.

but...each time he reaches out to even the smallest way...i just want to hold on to him tighter than hell ever know.

i really like him. and trust him. and believe hes a good guy. he was so sweet to me.

when i get my phone back from palm beach...its donkey kong...


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