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9:22 pm - Friday, August 22, 2008
oh, miguel
miguel is so stupid. he makes me so angry. absolutely nothing in his life ever seems to work out. hes constantly getting shat upon and there is nothing i can do about it.

i feel like a lot of what happens is 100% his fault. he had to move from his most recent place because the landlord stole his tv and he trashed the place in revenge. prior to that there, hed been broken into a couple times while he was asleep and a man was beat to death next door. thats his fault-for jumping at the first apartment he saw without really considering where he was: the ghetto.

so now hes back at his moms. his dads an alcoholic and addict. he came home fucked up and started messing with everyone. his mom had to call the cops and have him baker acted. thats not his fault and it makes it really hard for him to live at his moms house. i feel for him. he had to grow up in that. being attacked by his father when hes on crack. watching his father abuse his younger siblings and there was nothing he could do. that is horrible.

idk. i just feel so bad for him. i invited him to hang out tonight when i get off work and he cant find his ID. its in a bag with his social and birth certificate. cant find the bag. he thinks a brother threw it out because it looked like trash. why wasnt he more careful with it in the first fucking placE?! and now hes out of any identification and is going to have to go through hell and high water to get it all back.

i feel terrible for him. i love him and wish him only the best. but hes just so careless sometimes and doesnt realize it until its too late and hes paying for it. he doesnt want me to lecture him-well he shouldnt be such an idiot.


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