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11:54 p.m. - Monday, Sept. 07, 2009
i just wantd to let you kno that i kno that i kno what i know
i wish i could predict things...

not be so presumptuous...

i feel a little silly in the retrospective.

in a week and a half those 3 potentials have burst into memories and/or nothings.

but then maybe thats me being presumptuous yet again. its a thing i do i guess...

one day, jordan.

youll be happy. so happy. for a long time.

and youll look back on this diary and the others and not be able to remember this feeling of desolation, desperation, lonliness, sadness, hopelessness.

no, i kid. its not all hopeless. that whole above sentence is brimming with hope.

not hope-know.

one day.


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