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2:33 p.m. - Thursday, Oct. 22, 2009
in heat
am i boy-crazy because im lonely or am i lonely because im boy-crazy?

i love to be crushing. i love to feel crushed upon. but crushes are just teases to the heart. because i still go home alone left with just my hopeful thoughts.

i met someone last night. its not terribly important but it was very, very nice while it lasted. it really makes me want a boyfriend. i like(d) him a lot. he would do..definitely.

but i know its not important because when he dropped me off at 3 or 4 this morning we exchanged no but he was very sweet. intelligent. had a little bit of a crazy side (we went and sat right on the side of train tracks while a train was coming). i like to hope that well meet again and that it can be as fun as last night.

then theres justin. i shouldnt write about him. but i love him. HA. i am hilarious! love. love? what do i know about that? nothing, i know. but..i do.

i shouldnt write about him because he has a girlfriend. you dont write about someone elses boyfriend. but im crushing hard. hard. i laugh at everything he says (often too loud), i sit in his office and make him talk to me, i ask him if he needs help with anything, i go in the office every chance i get-just to make sure he sees me. its terrible. gosh. hed be perfect. so perfect. it really makes me sad to know nothing can happen. ugh. its not fair.

i need to find a real hobby.


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