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2:59 p.m. - Saturday, Jun. 26, 2010
lame update
just skimmed the last entry. ha! im so silly sometimes!! jon is come and gone. with mostly no incident. he got me a job. and i shook my hips as i walked past him in the workplace and flirted just to make sure he wouldnt get over me...but eventually that stopped. and eventually he broke his leg and moved to oregon and i got fired. so, its pretty much a non-issue...

what is an issue is this justin character that i just cant get out of my head. ever! his eyes. his hair. his laugh. ugh. everything. and i think he could like me too. but working with him in such a small office (only 6 employees??) is not making this easy for us! at auto relief group no one knew that jon and i even knew each other let alone dated once and hung out at that time.

but i know we could be so good. i know. i know. i know.

the sad thing is though...he has no idea that i deleted him from my facebook like in december. wtf. ill get him. of this i am sure. it may just take some time.

time for me to fix myself up a bit. weightwise as well as emotionally and every other waywise. but the foundations been laid. and he knows i dig him. soo...ive never not gotten what i really really wanted. and this goes in that category.

i havent written because ive had no reason. no drive. nothing going on. i hadnt even had sex this year (besides a drunk mistake with tremayne in january where no one finished) until last weekend (another drunk mistake, with karlos this time-and if i one finished. arent i a gem?). all ive done is drool over my soulmate and hated his homely girlfriend silently.

soon though. somethigns gotta give, right?? xoxo, you


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